PDQ Machines has got its App on!


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Hip, hip, hip hooray!... We have launched the PDQ Machines app, built for better and easier communications between us and our customers. 

Isn't it time you got your App on?!

We've made a 21st century enhancement to our already excellent customer care (and we’re not just saying that, take a look at our BLOG).
The new PDQ Machines app has been designed with businesses operating outside normal office hours in mind, especially our customers in the hospitality sector such as bars, cafes and restaurants.

Around-the-clock access

The app gives the user easy around-the-clock access to many of our services, previously only available by phone (or voicemail) via a few clicks on your smartphone or mobile device. 
So if you’re running out of rolls or you need a spare part, you can send us a quick message via the app. This real-time ordering takes the effort out of finding our number in your contacts, or maybe not being able to place the order until the following day.
Then, depending on the support package you have with us, your requests will be despatched or dealt within the next working day. 

Keeping you informed via push notifications 

The PDQ Machines app is also a friendly and non-intrusive way to maintain a dialogue with our customers, thanks to ‘push notifications’ – a kind of text message sent directly to the app.
If you’re an app-y person you undoubtedly get push notifications from other apps informing you about updates, news and other messages. 
PDQ Machines' occasional push notifications will tell you about fraud in your local area, updates to software or, for example, the availability of new products or services.

The benefits of PDQ Machines App

  • A few clicks to get hold of us, any time of the day, any day of the week
  • Easy to call us via the app, no need to search on your phone contacts
  • Easy out-of-hours contact to order till rolls - all you need to do is enter your postcode
  • Get all the latest information about fraud warnings in your area or software upgrades
  • A handy 'How to' and Troubleshooting section. We aim to speak to you within 10-15 minutes but our app has been designed to give you the information you need in seconds. For example. Can you remember how to turn your credit card machine on and off? Our app will remind you.

Download our app

The PDQ Machines app is available on Google Play or the App Store for any mobile device using iOS or Android operating systems.


  CLICK HERE                                            CLICK HERE

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Using Windows or other OS?

We’re looking into producing a Windows-friendly app in the future, so please let us know if that’s your operating system of choice and we’ll see what we can do.

Please let us know

If you have any problems downloading or using the PDQ Machines app please get in touch.
And if you have any comments or feedback about our app please post a review on the App Store or Google Play. Thanks.