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How PDQ Machines devised the UK's first mobile credit card machine

Tim Simpson, the owner of PDQ Machines, had previously worked for a provider of credit card machines in the United States. On a viisit to the UK in 1997 he saw a gap in the market for mobile credit card machines, several years before Wi-fi was the norm.

By combining Vodafone PakNet (predominantly used on security systems), with Racal's Cardmate he created the UK's very first mobile credit card machine utilising state-of-the-art technology for the time.

The first PDQ Machines customer was Barry Steele, one of Snap-On Tools salespeople. Snap-On Tools transported their valuable wares (power tools etc) around the country in vans and wanted to increase security so this cash-free solution was perfect for Barry and the rest of the Snap-On Tools fleet.

Word spread about how great these 'new-fangled' credit card machines were, which saw PDQ Machines clientbase expand to include companies from the retail, events and hospitality industry - particularly high street shops, restaurants, pubs and hotels.

Moving to the present day, event organisers have become a key client for PDQ Machines as they recognise the importance of high quallity, mobile and fast credit card machines with superb back-up support for the limited lifespan of their shows and exhibitions.